Edacious requires the Agar library. Optionally, CAM functionality requires Agar's network support (--enable-network).

Warning: The latest development (SVN) version of Edacious also requires the latest SVN version of Agar.

Edacious is written for the most part in ANSI C, and is portable to the numerous platforms supported by Agar. Unlike most GUI toolkits, Agar can take full advantage of modern graphics hardware. Since the simulation process requires significant CPU resources in itself, Agar's OpenGL display mode is recommended when possible.
Current Beta Version (SVN)
Verifying Signed Packages

After downloading a package, check that the SHA-256 checksum matches the package's .md5 file. Edacious packages are signed by Julien Nadeau ( Download our KEYS file along with the package's .asc signature, and verify using gpg:

  $ wget
  $ gpg --import KEYS

  $ wget
  $ gpg --verify edacious-1.0.tar.gz.asc

The fingerprints should match:

8F28 B811 60F8 C10E 53EB  F5F1 3AF1 02AD 3D6A 0EB9
CB94 5774 9A4E 7A9A ECF4  3B20 F5BB 8092 C0BB 1FFA